Keep Teaching

During Campus Service Interruptions

Per the UNC System, the following plans are in place to relaunch the the UNC Online Proctoring website and scheduling system on May 11.

When it relaunches (and due to the pandemic) the following conditions will be in place:

  • Instructors will be able to schedule exam windows for the course(s)/section(s) that they are teaching for all Summer sessions, with the exception of courses offered during a “Maymester” term.
  • In order to ensure the availability of adequate proctoring services staffing from the vendor (Examity), all exam windows will be required to start after May 31st.
  • Due to the continued closure of all on-site (face-to-face) proctoring options, students who are required by their instructors to utilize UNC Online Proctoring will each have to personally pay for their exam proctoring appointments, at the rate of $11 for the first exam hour, and $6 per hour for each additional hour. This cost should be conveyed to students in course syllabi and during the course registration process. (As always, accommodations for extra time as determined by SDS/DSS learning disability assessments will not incur an extra cost to students for their additional exam time.)
  • The online proctoring vendor, as has always been the case, is NOT capable of proctoring paper-based (or online + paper) exams, so those exam types will not be allowed until there are in-person proctors once again available to all of our students.

Aside from these four additional conditions, all other UNC Online Proctoring business rules and procedures will be in place, and will be conducted in accordance with the existing UNC Online MoU. All proctoring using the Examity service will be “human” proctoring, with live proctors connecting to each student’s computer to administer and observe the exam.

Additionally, the UNC System is continuing to work on multiple contingency plans and possible proctoring options for the Fall 2020 term.