Keep Teaching

During Campus Service Interruptions

Instructional Continuity Planning Checklist

This checklist is designed to help you develop a basic continuity plan for your courses if a campus crisis (prolonged adverse weather; health epidemic) significantly disrupts your instruction.

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Instructor Considerations

Establish an online presence.

Effective communication of course goals and content is integral to student success. Include your preferred method of communication in your course syllabus.

Make sure your syllabus is available online.

Ensure you can access class rosters.

Decide how you will distribute documents, readings, recorded lectures. Keep in mind that each course in Canvas is limited to 1GB. Consider using cloud storage for large files and linking and/or embedding into your Canvas course(s).

Designate a central place to collect student submissions.

Keep in mind that a student’s individual file upload to Canvas is limited to 50MB. Consider using cloud storage solutions integrated with Canvas for large student submissions.

Continue class discussions in real time (synchronous) or over time (asynchronous).

Synchronous Discussions

Asynchronous Discussions

Identify an option for holding class and/or office hours virtually.

Move methods for evaluating student learning in an online format.

Remote proctoring is available for online quizzes and exams through:

Consider capturing your lecture content for students to watch remotely.

Consider ways to use small group collaboration online.

Check courses and materials to ensure accessibility compliance.

Considerations for Labs

Consider alternatives to hands-on labs.

Research Considerations

Keep your research group active.

**UNCG users can access library e-resources from anywhere, including off-campus

Distribute documents and communicate with students.

  • Canvas Course
  • Cloud Storage
  • Email