Keep Teaching

During Campus Service Interruptions

Dr. Sarah Daynes, Faculty Senate Chair, shares the following message including course-related resources, for faculty heading into the Fall 2021 semester:

I know you have been awaiting this, so we thank you for your patience. Here is the current version of the COVID-19 syllabus language, to be included in your Fall 2021 course syllabi.

As you know, much is in flux regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, and we have kept some flexibility in the statement to accommodate for further changes. In particular, please note that the statement allows for instructors who are vaccinated and can maintain six feet of distance to remove their mask while actively teaching.

The COVID team is keeping a close eye on case rates both in the community and on campus. Please stay tuned for further announcements from the Chancellor’s and Provost’s offices, and from your Faculty Senate.

Here you will also find an updated Faculty Tips sheet for assisting your students in the classroom during the COVID-19 pandemic.